My (step)mom recently gave me some pictures of her dad working his bee hives.  Who would have known that all these years later, I would be doing the very same thing with my own family.  Although we weren’t related by blood, I loved my grandparents fiercely and didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with them before they passed away.  Those pictures are so special to me and I was thinking about them as I worked on these images from a recent photo shoot.

I’ve been photographing Zane and Aven since they were babies (see Here and Here) and last week we got the whole family together.  This session took place at the family home and incorporated some very special things, including a truck lovingly restored by a son and grandson and another vehicle passed on by a family member.  Like the photos of my granddad, these are the memories that will get passed on through the generations, and I feel so privileged to be a part of capturing something so special.  I am so thankful to the wonderful, beautiful families who allow me into their homes and their lives.  Raabe family, I hope these pictures make you proud of your most precious legacy… your family.


2015-11-Pearl-9102 copy2015-11-Pearl-9124 copy

2015-11-Pearl-9208 copy2015-11-Pearl-9220 copy

2015-11-Pearl-9249 copy

Untitled-12015-11-Pearl-8998 copy

2015-11-Pearl-9268 copy

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