Quick Takes, 11/26/2015

Between starting my new job, working on a broken computer and photography clients waiting very, very patiently for me to hurry up already and get their pictures done, I’ve felt like I’m barely treading water over the past few weeks and today was a welcome pause to come up for air!  Before I run off to start working on pictures again, here is a very quick post on this beautiful thanksgiving day…


The kids and I spent this thanksgiving with good friends who not only cooked almost everything, but also brought it all over since we’re still house-bound for now.  It was a beautiful day and the kids played football in the yard, while we ladies got to know each other better.  It was so special and I am SO thankful.


I started training with Amazon on Monday and so far it’s been like trying to sip water through a fire hose!  I had no idea there could be so much to learn about customer service!  We’ve had three ten-hour days in training, so far (I’ve actually had a few hours more, since the only skill I seem to be exceptionally good at is failing the tests at the end of every course) and we’ll have one more training day before we start taking live calls on Monday… CYBER Monday.  Yesterday, a fellow trainee and I had the following conversation, summing up our “self-directed learning” experience, so far:

Me: There may or may not have been tears.
Friend: Oh, there were definitely tears.
Me: hahahaha!!!
Friend: The kids get scared when I scream and throw things.


Despite how difficult training (or I should say: remembering what we’re learning in training) has been, working with the people at Amazon has been wonderful!  Their customer service definitely plays a role in their massive growth over the years, and they treat their employees wonderfully, too.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON I’ve spoken to about anything has gone out of their way to help me, and they’ve all been incredibly kind.  For a company this big, I was really surprised!  I just hope they continue to be this kind and understanding after I start working the phone lines on Monday!  ;)


Some friends and I are working to plan a special activity for some of the refugees here in Bowling Green.  More details on that, soon, but for now, if you’d like to know about some ways you can help, please email me: Rina [at] RinaMarie [dot] com.  Thank you!


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