Help for the refugees of Bowling Green

I recently revisited our local refugee center to work out more details on how we can help, and possibly plan some fun activities for the refugee families in our area (more info on that coming soon!)  A few days ago, I received the following email from Albert Mbanfu the Executive Director & CEO of the International Center of Kentucky that I’m posting here, in hopes of reaching others who’d like to help:


During this season of hope, please give hope to the hopeless through your generous donation to the International Center of Kentucky.

We consider success as having a job, a home, and a good life. Many refugees abandon all of these to seek safety in the United States because they are fleeing persecution, genocide, war, and other man-made and natural disasters. While in the United States, they dream to provide for their kids, families, and redefine success again. It is here that the International Center of Kentucky steps in to assist these individuals by providing employment, English language classes, housing, and transportation.
This holiday season, please support the International Center of Kentucky to provide hope to the hopeless by making them feel at home, from harm. Your generous donation will restore hope, and help refugees realize their dreams.

To donate please go to

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