Two out a three ‘aint bad

Jon’s brother and sister-in-law recently blessed us with an amazing, wonderful gift:

003 VanL

As much of a blessing as this has been to our entire family, I was especially thankful because this sweet chariot is MINE.  ALLLLL mine (it’s even registered under my name!  The last time a vehicle was registered in only my name, I was 19 years old!)  Receiving it meant I’d never have to drive Jon’s car again and I could put all MY stuff in all the places I wanted and it would never be moved around or thrown away.  It meant I’d never have to stuff groceries into every possible nook and cranny and the kids would never have to ride home under mountains of bread loaves, fruits, vegetables and bags of alfalfa pellets.  Most importantly, most wonderfully, most blessedly it meant that I’d never, ever, EVER have to transport another animal in the back of my vehicle.  No more straw, no more hay, no more chicken poo and goat pee!  What blessing!  What comfort!  What sweet, sweet relief!!!!!!!!!!!



One month later:

003 van2

They say you should never say never.


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