Love covers a multitude of weeds

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Recently, I had an exchange with someone who suggested (by means of loving, constructive criticism, I hope) that I remove the blog post about our messy house and the photo of our cow standing in a weedy field, as it reflected badly on our farm.  She’s probably right.  After all, we’re trying to sell the produce of our farm and the fact that our house is often messy and our fields weedy probably doesn’t reflect well on our operation.  But as I found my fingers hovering over the “delete” button, the thought occurred to me:

This is truth.

God hasn’t called me to make thousands of dollars on the sale of our farm produce.  He hasn’t called me to create a successful marketing campaign or start a commercial milking operation.  He’s called me to love.  And one way I can express that love is through transparency: laying it all down and inviting people in to see the mess.

It occurs to me that I could defend myself in a hundred different ways and delete every post I think might reflect badly on our little farm, but in the end it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that everything I do – my strengths and my weaknesses, my victories and my many, many shortcomings, are all a part of this lumpy, bumpy mound of clay that God is fashioning according to His plans and purposes.

Some people will resonate with that.  Others will be appalled.  And both responses are okay.  I’m not called to please everyone, I’m only called to love and serve my Lord to the best of my ability.

So that’s what we’ll do.  Me and my [messy] house will serve the Lord.  And God will bring imperfect friends into our lives and we’ll all fellowship together over big glasses of [weedy] milk.

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