Tabernacles, 2016


Tabernacle Moon


My youngest daughter wakes me. “Nurse?” she asks. I roll over lazily and pull her close.   I hear Jon outside the door and call for him, he comes and takes my hand. We talk softly for a while before getting up, me to start my day and him to finish whatever I’ve interrupted him from, taking the baby with him.  When I leave the room I find her snuggled on a chair with her youngest sister, coloring and chatting quietly. “Do you want to come outside with me?” Jon asks and I tell him no, I’d like to pray for a while. I sit and listen to the sounds from the window: the older girls calling gently to the animals, the swish of milk hitting the pail, the ducks conversing with each other. The boys are working to start a fire. This is where we’ll spend most of our week, gathered together around the flames.

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