The Perfect Day

Sometimes God blesses us in unexpected and surprising ways. I was 21 years old and visiting my grandmother as I’d been doing every weekend for several months. She was taking a late nap and I was enjoying the splendor of the view from her front porch as the sun began to set over her many-acred farm.  It was a particularly gorgeous day and though I consider myself an “indoor girl” who doesn’t handle boredom well, this was one day I was happy to be outside with nothing at all to do but take it all in.  In a moment of girlish excitement, I tilted my face to the sky, beaming up at God and thanking Him for such a wonderful – almost perfect – day.  I could think of only one thing that could possibly make it more wonderful and I childishly told God so: “the only way this day could get any better is if I had a HORSE to ride!” Within seconds, I spotted a figure in the distance. As he came closer I saw that it was not one figure, but two, for emerging from behind a hill just up the road was a man… riding a beautiful chestnut gelding. I stood in silence, overcome by emotion, as horse and rider drew closer.  It was the first, and turned out to be the only, time I’d ever seen a horse on that road and when they reached my grandmother’s house the man offered to let me ride.  Ben Hewitt recently wrote that life is mostly a series of moments in which nothing very much is happening and so often the things that give us joy are not the things directly before us, but things that live in some unrealized future “and therefore do not live at all.” Perhaps he’s right. But that evening, in that moment, joy entered the present and flooded my body, carried by a crimson answer to prayer on the eve of a perfect day.

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