Crushed tomatoes with subtle notes of basil and a hint of sweetness on a bed of socarrat with a light, nutty flavor

The children and I have been sending emails to each other lately, just for fun.  The other day we were talking about our kitchen experiments (See Friday’s blog post and also all of these) and that night my oldest daughter wrote the following:

We’ve discovered some interesting things…..Ceaser in soup?? EWE!!!!! Mayonnaise in soup? Not bad! Thousand Island in soup? NASTY!!! Mustard in soup?? Delicious!! And I also think we should put rice with spaghetti sauce on the menu!! I wasn’t here when they tried it, but it sounds good, and I think everyone liked it!

These are the discerning palates I’ve managed to cultivate in my children over the years.  The ability to distinguish between the sharp essence of mustard; the cheesy, creamy, briny notes of Ceasar; and the subtle sweetness in Thousand Island.  It’s a skill I’m rather proud of, really.  I’m dazzled by their creativity in finding new flavor combinations, impressed by their willingness to experiment with different blends of seasoning, comforted by the knowledge that they’ll never die of starvation as long as there are leaves and slugs to be found.  Compared to our typical fare, it shall be fine dining indeed.


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