A stroll down memory lane…

We live on a farm and butcher our own animals. We have never sheltered our children from this experience. Graphic details to follow…


Last night, a friend came to visit and told us about a boil she’d had to lance on her calf that afternoon. Before showing the kids a picture, she glanced at me and asked “are they going to be okay with this?” This morning, that innocent question inspired a conversation between Jon and the kids in which hilarity ensued…

Do you remember that time you shot the turkey and his head exploded?

Do you remember that time we butchered the sheep and ate their hearts?

Do you remember that time Bitty cut open the lamb’s head because she wanted to see its brain?

Do you remember the stillborn lamb that looked like an inside-out skeleton?

Do you remember that time the sheep died and we found the two dead babies inside?

Do you remember when we burned her carcass (in case she had an infection) and her skin and fur melted off?

That boil? Not a problem.

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