“Jon… don’t fuss at me… I think I’ve lost the debit card.”

My husband is a patient man. When I forgot my camera battery before a trip to Florida, he drove thirty minutes out of his way to bring it to me. When I recently (ok, yesterday) came home from the grocery without most of the staple items we always buy (toilet paper, dish liquid, shampoo, to name a few) he went out the next day to get them. When I decided to make cheese for friends and got halfway through the process before realizing I didn’t have a candy thermometer, he drove 20 minutes to our local Amish store to purchase one and when I realized I also needed kitchen gloves, he took a drive in the opposite direction to find them. He rarely gets mad and has an extraordinary ability to take everything in stride. But if there’s one thing he’s very, very particular about, it’s our finances and everything associated with them. I knew he was not happy.
“Are you kidding me? How the hell did you manage to lose the debit card?”
“I don’t know!”
“Are you sure you used it?”
“I’m positive. I used it at the gas station, and was going to use it at the vet, but it wasn’t in my wallet. I’m in the parking lot now, and I’ve searched everywhere. It’s not here.”
“I can’t believe this.”
I wondered idly how he could possibly “not believe this,” considering the past seventeen years as my husband, but thought it unwise to say so aloud.
“Hang on, I’m getting another call.”
The kids and I continued searching as I waited for him to get back with me.
“Rina, that was the vet. They said they have your card.”
“Oh, thank God! I’ll call you right back.”
I ran in, thankful for the mix up. I must have used the debit card, after all, and wished I hadn’t called my husband so quickly. I knew he’d be irritated for the rest of the day, even though the card had been found, and I tried to comfort myself with the knowledge that it could have been worse. The receptionist handed me the card, and my heart sank.
I made my way back to the car and dragged the phone to my ear. “Jon… they had the credit card. The debit card is still missing.”

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