To Those I Have Loved and Will Love


Show me what you like reflected in the mirror
and what you hate
and what you’re proud of
and what you try to hide.
Show me the clothes you’ve bought but never worn because the colors are too bright
and the patterns are too gaudy
and the sequins are too shiny,
but you can’t bring yourself to part with.
Show me the journals where you write your darkest secrets
and the storyboards that hold your biggest dreams
and the lyrics to all your favorite songs
and the poems and pictures and paintings that you’ve never shared.

I want to know your doubts and where they came from,
your beliefs and how you’ve nurtured them,
your fears and what they’re made of,
your courage and what has given you the strength you’ve needed when you’ve felt you can’t go on.
I want to know what makes your heart sour
and makes it fall,
which parts of you are numb
and which are excruciatingly, agonizingly tender.
I want to know what you’re proud of
and what you’re ashamed of,
what you brag too much about,
and what you’ve never told a single soul.
I want to know where you’ve been inflicted by pain
and where you’ve inflicted it on others,
the ways you’ve been hated
and the ways you’ve been hateful,
and what scars are left from all the hurting and the healing.

Give me your fractures and your lesions,
your gaping lacerations,
your bruises, bites, and burns,
your open heart bleeding red with the wounds of everything that’s ever threatened to destroy you
and beating crimson with the vitality of everything you’ve ever had to overcome

And I will wrap them in my love so truly and so tenderly perhaps someday you’ll understand:
That scars are just tattoos which tell a better story
and shadows are the very things which emphasize the light
and you, my love, my life, my dark, my light,
my brilliant perfection, my terrible mess,
Are a masterpiece.


#tellhersummit poetry challenge, 30 days of poetry, day 6

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