If You’re Going to Date a Writer

You can expect letters in the mail
And love notes on your pillow
And sweet scribblings on your mirror
And long, rambling emails in the middle of the night.

You can expect love quotes on your phone
And song lyrics in your inbox
And affirmations in your lunch box
And “I love you’s” on the windshield of your icy car.

You can expect encouraging lines
And witty sketches
And sympathetic verses
And sexy sonnets designed to get you into bed.

You can expect to be the muse for an essay
Or the motivation for a rant
Or the inspiration for a comedy
Or the arousal for a romance

You can expect to find yourself highlighted in the chapters of my book,
Featured in the articles of my blog,
Headlining in the pages of my journal,
And draped across the verses of all my poems

You can expect that I will scrawl you fiercely into my life
And compose you carefully into my mind
And draft you tenderly into my thoughts
And pen you painstakingly, permanently upon my heart.

Rina Marie

30 Days of Poetry, Day 20

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