I Want

I want to be the one who knows you.
Your likes and dislikes,
your preferences,
and your little idiosyncrasies.
I want to be the one you can talk to
about anything and everything
without fear of judgment.
I want to be the one you run to when you’re sad
and laugh with when you’re happy.
I want to know all your favorite foods
and how to cook them
just the way you like them.
I want to take you to all your favorite places
and do all your favorite things with you.
I want to grow a garden with all your favorite flowers
and paint pictures for you
and surround you with beauty.
I want you to make me curse
and yell
and laugh
and cry
with the fullness of your emotions
without fear they’ll ever be too much.
(they’ll never be too much.)
I want to dance with you in the kitchen
and sing with you in the shower
and laugh with you in the bed.
I want to kiss your neck while we’re folding laundry
and rub your back while we’re watching TV
and brush your arm as you pass me in the hallway.
I want to fold your sheet back just the way you like it
and put your laundry right-side-out
and save you the last of the cereal.
I want to walk your dog
and wash your socks
and help you find your keys (again.)
I want your clothes on my bed,
and your hair in my drain,
and the dishes you never wash cluttering my sink.
I want you to steal my covers
and put your cold feet between my legs
so I can keep them warm.
I want to leave gifts on your nightstand,
so they’re the first thing you see
when you wake in the morning
and love notes on your pillow
so they’re the last thing you see
as you fall asleep each night.
I want to rearrange all the clothes in your closet
and all the food in the cupboards
every now and then,
just to drive you a little bit crazy.
I want to work to make you smile,
every single day,
for the rest of my life.

Rina Marie

30 days of Poetry, Day 26

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