Regarding the inspiration which led to her song Love Me Anyway, Pink once said: “I’m a hard person to be in a relationship with. I have a really high bar for myself and a really high bar for others. That makes it very difficult to love me, and that’s where the song comes from. If I’m all of these things, are you still going to be able to love me? Are you going to be able to handle this? Are you going to stay? Are you going to be with me? I’m impossible. Can you love me through all of that? Can you love me through all of my mistakes?” This poem is part of a larger work, written during a time when I was struggling with the number of people who have, at one time or another, labeled me as “too” something (too sensitive, too intense, too cerebral, too impulsive, think too much, read too much, write too much, etc.) and felt overwhelmed by the thought that I may never find “the one.” Again borrowing from another language, the title of this comes from a boro word used to describe the bittersweet feeling that occurs in those who know their love won’t last…

Maybe there IS no “one.”
Maybe nothing is forever.
Maybe love is something we ought to give, over and over again,
Without condition.
Without reservation.
Without expectation.
So today I ask myself:
Can I be brave?
Can I allow those I love to come and go?
Can I experience the passion,
The joy,
The overwhelming sacredness of connection,
Without asking for the security of commitment?

Rina Marie

30 days of Poetry, Day 27

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