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“Gay Christian” is not an oxymoron

I wrote parts of this five years ago, when I was struggling with my own opinions on this subject. As an ultra conservative, fundamentalist Christians, Jon and I once cut family members out of our lives for the “sin” of … Continue reading

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Is It True?

Lately, any time I find myself seeking to hide something I’ve said or done or feel for fear that someone will find it out, I ask myself a simple question: Is it true? The question reminds me that my fear … Continue reading

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Staying On the Mat

“Your life is set up so that you will come face to face with your wounds. Parents, spouses, children, and friends are here to help you see your need for healing, and you are performing the same function in their … Continue reading

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For the past three years, I’ve struggled to put the experience of my “faith crisis” into words. I wrote a little about it HERE and HERE, and HERE, but haven’t quite been able to explain how months of struggle culminated in an … Continue reading

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No, I was not “born this way”

(I meant to post this during pride month, but true to form I’m running a bit late)… “What if I wasn’t born this way at all? What if I married Abby not just because I’m gay but because I’m SMART? … Continue reading

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Choose Wisely

I wrote this a few months into my first romantic relationship in almost 20 years, my first romantic relationship with a woman, and the first romantic relationship I’d ever entered while still married to my husband. One night, struggling through … Continue reading

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Regarding the inspiration which led to her song Love Me Anyway, Pink once said: “I’m a hard person to be in a relationship with. I have a really high bar for myself and a really high bar for others. That … Continue reading

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