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Feathers in the Wind

There is an old Jewish proverb that tells of a man who went around slandering his Rabbi to all of his townspeople.  One day, realizing that what he was doing was wrong, he went to the Rabbi’s house and begged … Continue reading

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A Ban On Modesty?

Many Christian, Jewish and Muslim women wear head coverings or full-body coverings (known as burqa’s) as a sign of modesty. In Judaism and Christianity, the head covering further symbolizes our submission both to God and to our husbands (see 1 … Continue reading

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Sunday Linkage

Letter from Christian Guys Christian young men write about their perspective on feminine modesty. A Modesty Survey A survey taken by Christian men… Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about what men REALLY think about the way women dress. Something … Continue reading

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“Let Her [email protected] Satisfy You At All Times”"

Where do we get our concept of beauty? Why is that some of us feel “too fat” or “too thin?” Who has set the standard in our lives? I once saw television show featuring a group of women in Africa … Continue reading

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Sunday Linkage

Last week, I spent a lot of time reading through Mrs. Parunak’s lovely blog, Pursuing Titus 2. Here are just a few of the wonderful articles I read there, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the following weeks. … Continue reading

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Striving To Be More Immodest

Recently, I commented on Mrs. Parunak’s excellent post, A Garden Enclosed: The Importance of Modesty…and Immodesty. In this post, she points out the importance of being immodest for our husbands, allowing them to view and to enjoy their “gardens” (Songs … Continue reading

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