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Newest Addition

Our cow had her first calf today (a little bull) and our oldest caught it on video…

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Crushed tomatoes with subtle notes of basil and a hint of sweetness on a bed of socarrat with a light, nutty flavor

The children and I have been sending emails to each other lately, just for fun.  The other day we were talking about our kitchen experiments (See Friday’s blog post and also all of these) and that night my oldest daughter … Continue reading

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Tabernacles, 2016

  My youngest daughter wakes me. “Nurse?” she asks. I roll over lazily and pull her close.   I hear Jon outside the door and call for him, he comes and takes my hand. We talk softly for a while before … Continue reading

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Love covers a multitude of weeds

Recently, I had an exchange with someone who suggested (by means of loving, constructive criticism, I hope) that I remove the blog post about our messy house and the photo of our cow standing in a weedy field, as it … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – 8/2016

When you’re a homeschool mom with lots of kids, people tend to think you must be some kind of Mommy Superhero.  “I don’t know how you do it all” is a phrase I hear frequently.  As much as I hate … Continue reading

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The last rescue dog

“Hey, Jon!” Dr. East, our vet, entered the room. “You have a dog for me to look at?” “Yes, sir.. Should be here any minute.” For weeks, Rina had been searching for a dog to guard our flock and had … Continue reading

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Two out a three ‘aint bad

Jon’s brother and sister-in-law recently blessed us with an amazing, wonderful gift: As much of a blessing as this has been to our entire family, I was especially thankful because this sweet chariot is MINE.  ALLLLL mine (it’s even registered … Continue reading

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