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Rescuing Cherry: Sudoku’s birth, 2016

Every year, I’m reminded again of why it’s so important to be here when our goats give birth.  This year, we lost a doe from our goat Mini Pearl because we didn’t get to her in time.  When a similar … Continue reading

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The Blessing

When we first got bees, I was under the mistaken impression that beekeeping involved nothing more than giving the fuzzy little critters a warm, cozy home to store their honey in and collecting the sweet bounty once or twice a … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – around the farm…. and BEES!!! 4-18-2016

(1) It’s finally starting to feel like Spring around here, and our kidding season is almost upon us!  We’d planned on having kidding stalls built and a birthing kit stocked and ready by now, but I think it’s much likely … Continue reading

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Seven Quick takes – October 28, 2015

Things I’m thankful for, this week… (1) Kids who understand what I’m talking about… “Oh!  Bundle!  Is the thing done?  The thing… you know, the whats-it-called thing?” (2) A brother who was willing to get up a 6:00 in the … Continue reading

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60,000 new critters on the farm!

You may remember that we’ve been planning to add bees to our farm for a while now, and thanks to the help and generosity of some great friends, they’re finally here!!! As per my usual method of looking before I … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes: Oct 3, 2015

Fall is upon us, and we have so much to be thankful for… (1) Pears on the trees: (2) A new chicken tractor that friends drove all the way from Indiana to gift to us. (3) A new goat on … Continue reading

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Even the sparrow (and the alpaca)

I almost killed our alpaca today.  I was feeding them grain after moving them to a new paddock, and I think the grain I was giving them was too big because our female (new names revealed, below) started to choke.  … Continue reading

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