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I am humbled, and ashamed

I just finished writing something about how one of our goats, Mini Pearl, has an abscess on her face that will need to be tested for an incurable and highly contagious disease called Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL.)  I was writing something … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes – August 9, 2013

— 1 — And the winners are…. Here are the names the kids chose, from everyone’s suggestions! For the little ram lamb, Uncle Shane’s submission:  Blackberry! For the little calico kitten, Rachel’s suggestion: Honey! And for the little black kitten, … Continue reading

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Our Cups Runneth Over!

She’s here!  I can’t believe it – it’s so surreal and WONDERFUL to look out my window and see this: She came this afternoon and technically we weren’t completely ready for her, but we managed to get the fence finished … Continue reading

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