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Boiling the frog

Is it wrong to admit that sometimes… just every now and then… once in a blue moon… not often at all, really… I’m just a teeny tiny bit amused when my super-organized, neat-and-tidy friend with two children complains about her … Continue reading

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Papa Le Pew

My oldest two girls have started making soap to help support their horse, for which I’m selfishly grateful. For one, I’m allergic to every type of artificial smell there is and I looooove homemade soap, and secondly, I love the … Continue reading

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Quick Takes – June 2017

1. Kidding season has started and once again I’m thankful to have my own personal goat midwife to help in times of trouble, because I’m just awful at the job.  Every time these goats are in labor, I fall to … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – 8/2016

When you’re a homeschool mom with lots of kids, people tend to think you must be some kind of Mommy Superhero.  “I don’t know how you do it all” is a phrase I hear frequently.  As much as I hate … Continue reading

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Attention: Lilly

This is what happens when I don’t keep up with my filing system: If your name is Lilly and I’m supposed to be doing something with you tomorrow at 2:00, please contact me. . Related Articles: WFMW – Getting it … Continue reading

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The last rescue dog

As some of you know, Jon and I ran an animal rescue out of our home for many years. Of all the fantastic ideas I’ve ever had during our years of marriage, that was probably by far the least fantastic. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Fiff (a letter to the Ford Motor Company)

A friend recently suggested that we write to the good people at Ford Motor Company about our wonderful family vehicle.  Since our van succumbed recently to a very serious ailment that will be costly to fix, and since we’ll be … Continue reading

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