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The last rescue dog

As some of you know, Jon and I ran an animal rescue out of our home for many years. Of all the fantastic ideas I’ve ever had during our years of marriage, that was probably by far the least fantastic. … Continue reading

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Taking off the grave clothes

“I want a divorce, and that’s not an option.  I feel trapped.” I said this to my husband at almost midnight, just before leaving the house to buy beer and cigarettes.  No, you haven’t stumbled across another blog by accident, … Continue reading

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Tearing down walls

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hidden behind walls constructed for the sole purpose of protecting myself from hurts, both real and imagined.  My walls, I’m coming to understand, are made from very specific types of materials:  Anger. … Continue reading

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Superman is Immodest

Last night, Jon and I had a fight.  When it came right down to it, we were fighting because we were comparing each other to other people.  In my case, I was comparing Jon to hypothetical people (they, after all, … Continue reading

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How I met my husband, and how he met Jesus

(Jon and I are telling this story together… my words are in blue, his are in green.) “I think he might be an alcoholic,” I told my dad. I’d met Jon at a nursing home.  He was a nurse, I … Continue reading

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Is it possible to know Jesus AND be homosexual?

I asked a friend this question several months ago.  To my way of looking at things, it was simply impossible.  But then I had a conversation with a man I respect deeply.  A man who, when we were in high … Continue reading

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Why we don’t allow our kids to read Hunger Games, Divergent or The Dairy of Anne Frank

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love before the proper time. Song 8:4 I recently had a conversation with my mom regarding all of the false ideals we often enter marriage with.  Children today have … Continue reading

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