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How I met my husband, and how he met Jesus

(Jon and I are telling this story together… my words are in blue, his are in green.) “I think he might be an alcoholic,” I told my dad. I’d met Jon at a nursing home.  He was a nurse, I … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes – July 22, 2013

(Yes, I am aware that it’s not Friday, but I felt the urge to be random today.) — 1 — We’re finally starting to settle into a routine around here!  Considering that every time we’ve settle into a routine this … Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement

My husband is incredibly level-headed. He’s a shelter from the storm, a calming force in the midst of chaos. Of all the times I’ve sought help over a wrong turn (ended up in an entirely different city), something lost (a … Continue reading

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So Where’s it all Going?

I’m a pretty passionate person.  If I’m committed to something, I won’t do it half-heartedly, I’ll immerse myself in it, go to extremes, read about it constantly, and drive everyone around me crazy by talking about it incessantly (surely you … Continue reading

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I saw the most beautiful woman today… and that woman was ME.

After having six children in less than ten years and struggling with obesity (even after losing 75lbs I’m still on the “overweight” side of the height/weight charts), it’s been a long, long time since I’ve considered myself beautiful.  I can … Continue reading

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I’m not an anti-social witch, I’m an introvert with a type-A personality

Today I was reading one of my favorite photography blogs, by Jasmine Star, and in her post (Personality Types, Opposites + BBQ Sauce) she writes about herself and her husband, and their opposing personality types (she’s “type A” and he’s … Continue reading

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I can’t have more than one best friend! Can I? And wait… isn’t my husband supposed to be my “best” friend? Maybe not…

This may be a completely goofy concept to everyone else, but I’ve always felt kinda bad when I would turn to one friend rather than another for a certain type of support.  If one kind of thing happened, I’d find … Continue reading

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