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The Best We Can

I’m always reluctant to post about relationship-related things here on the blog, because I never, ever want to “throw someone under the bus” or say something hurtful. I have tried to mitigate this in various ways–blocking mutual friends, sharing with … Continue reading

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Owning My Story

  A few weeks ago, my (now ex) partner created a facebook group entitled “Own Your Story.” Created on the basis that “shame cannot survive exposure,” she hoped to establish a safe place for people to share things they felt … Continue reading

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Yesterday, my therapist and I spoke about control. Specifically, the desire to control people and things outside ourselves. She said exactly what every mental health professional and book I’ve ever come across has said–that the only thing in this world … Continue reading

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A Good Day

Someone recently told me that I had ruined their day. My immediate feeling was shame and sadness, and in the past I would have felt guilty and horrible about this. I would have scrambled to figure out how I could … Continue reading

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Learning to Drive

The one complaint I’ve received from every partner I’ve ever had is that they never feel good enough for me. Not only am I an overthinker, I also incessantly worry and battle constant fears that—despite all evidence to the contrary—I … Continue reading

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“My life is better when I work from the assumption that everyone is doing the best they can.” —Brené Brown I recently heard about some judgments that have been passed against me by various people in my life, and it … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Do?

In the 20+ years I have known Jesus, I have always loved worship music. But lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been having a stress reaction to certain songs due to the treatment I have received from a few people who … Continue reading

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