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If Jesus came today, would I recognize Him?

I’ve often asked myself that question.  We all know that the religious leaders of Jesus’ time didn’t recognize him as the Messiah and as I’ve been studying the history surrounding Jesus’s ministry, there are two things that strike me as … Continue reading

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He will guard you in all your ways…

I recently told a friend that I struggle with fear concerning our vehicles.  Later during a session, Jon told our counselor about his fear that our van was on its last leg.  Our counselor gave us some wonderful advice that … Continue reading

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It’s not always faith, sometimes it’s just stubbornness

Last night, I was talking with a friend about how hard it often is to have faith, even when we’ve seen God do so many wonderful things in the past (I’m a modern-day Israelite, having seen the parting of the … Continue reading

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A Relationship with God

Tonight, my oldest daughter (13) had this on her heart to write, and asked me to publish it here… What really is a relationship with God?  Here is what I strongly believe: God wants us to love Him.  Having a … Continue reading

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I Miss Him

Those may be the most powerful words I’ve ever heard anybody say. I was speaking with a friend of mine, a friend who had introduced me to Jesus years ago but was now claiming to be agnostic (or athiest, or … Continue reading

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Increasing our Faith

In light of recent events (detailed, below) I thought this was a timely re-posting:   “Suppose a parcel came to us, and it should prove difficult to untie the knot, and you cannot cut it; then you should ask God … Continue reading

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That’s how I feel about myself right now and that’s exactly what I’m being because I’m about to: A. Post about things I make it a point never to share (okay, I did once and decided afterward that I never … Continue reading

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