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I learned something very powerful from a friend once.  Before she married she made some decisions that put her somewhat deeply in debt.  When she got married, she and her husband spoke at length about this debt and her husband … Continue reading

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ALL means ALL

I have a tendency to get tongue tied, especially in new or stressful situations. I’m much more comfortable writing out my thoughts than speaking them, and it seems that I’m often saying the wrong things or saying them in a … Continue reading

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Transformed by the Renewing of our Minds

The following are excerpts taken from Jon’s book, Who Do You Think You Are?  Discovering the Power of Kingdom Identity ( “For the church in the West to come alive, it needs to resolve its identity crisis, to stand on truth, to … Continue reading

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Freedom to Fail

Those of us who have struggled with a spirit of rejection often find ourselves working under a spirit of perfectionism as well. Those of us who have lived in fear that we will not be loved and accepted, will often … Continue reading

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There Is Now No Condemnation…

In the attic, I have a briefcase filled with every letter I’ve ever received from the time I was 13 years old until I began college. It has been with me through three states, five cities, and nine homes. Two … Continue reading

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