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I learned something very powerful from a friend once.  Before she married she made some decisions that put her somewhat deeply in debt.  When she got married, she and her husband spoke at length about this debt and her husband … Continue reading

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For those who have joined me in prayer for little Jayda…

Here is an update: Awesome Blossom I’m in awe. . . Related Posts: Prayer Request

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Prayer through Provocation

God has been teaching me something… If Satan can keep me irritated at someone, he can keep me from effectively praying for them. Sometimes the things that frustrate us the most are the very areas in which God is calling … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

I believe God does, can and WILL heal.  Would those of you who also believe this, join me in prayer for the life of this little girl?

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Birthing Revival Through Prayer and Fasting

My husband and I have been praying for revival in our state, along with other close friends.  He recently wrote this to send in an email to those who are praying with us, and I thought I would share it … Continue reading

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Freedom to Fail

Those of us who have struggled with a spirit of rejection often find ourselves working under a spirit of perfectionism as well. Those of us who have lived in fear that we will not be loved and accepted, will often … Continue reading

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Enduring Faith

My journey through miscarriage into faith. Continue reading

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