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Welfare is NOT based on Christian values

Welfare is based on Christian values?  Really?  Being forced to provide for the needs of others is love?  Stealing (yes, I used the word STEALING) from the so-called rich in order to give to the so-called poor is somehow considered … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thought: Prior Marc Foley on Affability

(Once again, it’s not Thursday.) Found this while reading the archives at Conversion Diary… Affability is the virtue of maturity and not of youth. It requires the discipline and strength of character to be even-keeled in one’s demeanor, regardless of … Continue reading

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Not-So-Innocent Bystander

I heard about something incredibly disturbing today. Several months ago a man was stabbed while coming to the aid of a woman being attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. He bled to death on a Queens sidewalk as almost 25 pedestrians … Continue reading

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Hell-Bent on Ministry

Serving simply to get people saved is a religious agenda.  As pure and noble as it may seem to us as believers, it is manipulative to the world, and is viewed as impure service.  The world can smell it a … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thought: Andrew Murray on Serving God

If we concentrate on our relationship to [God] as our Master, we should no longer begin each new day with thoughts of comfort, joy, or blessing.  Our first thought should be: ‘I belong to the Master.’ Every moment I must … Continue reading

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Music In the Parking Lot

A lesson in humility – choosing to do God’s will despite what others may think. Continue reading

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Helping Hands and Willing Hearts

I’ve heard it said that the most difficult number of children to have is four. After the fifth baby comes along, things are supposed to become easier, partly due to the fact that the oldest children are more capable of … Continue reading

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