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Welfare is NOT based on Christian values

Welfare is based on Christian values?  Really?  Being forced to provide for the needs of others is love?  Stealing (yes, I used the word STEALING) from the so-called rich in order to give to the so-called poor is somehow considered … Continue reading

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I was going to title this post “big changes on our little farm” until I realized… it’s really not a change at all

I’ve written before about the fact that we can’t afford our little farm.  When we sit down and work out our budget, there just isn’t extra money from Jon’s paycheck for all the things we need.  There isn’t money to … Continue reading

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Faithful with Little

“Every time we step out and do the little that we can, God meets us halfway and then does more than we expected.” I said this to Jon last night, as we were discussing our finances.  They’re a mess!  Things … Continue reading

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Five Little Goats…

*UPDATE* For more information about our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Dorking chickens, pastured eggs and poultry for sale in and around Bowling Green KY, visit our website: Faithful With Little Farm. . One of the “desires of my heart” is to … Continue reading

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For God will provide all of your needs… and He will give you the desires of your heart … (Phil 4:19, Psalm 37:4)

I’m an emotional wreck right now.  For months, God has been doing some amazing things in our lives that have left me in awe.  Over the past year, we have been dealing with some financial situations in our family that … Continue reading

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But I Was Content, Yesterday!

With the thoughts regarding finances and provision that have been rolling around in my head lately, regarding finances and provision, this statement by Mrs. Parunak was a beautiful thing to read: There’s a strange thing about contentment. You can lose … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Don’t Want to “Live in Faith”

For a long time, my husband and I have lived in such a way that we don’t have a savings account or a lot of money for “extras.”  Several years ago, we adopted a statement by George Muller’s biographer as … Continue reading

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