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naked and ashamed

Two weeks ago, I promised to be honest.  To be transparent.  To “invite you into my storm.”  Why do that, with a bunch of people on the internet I don’t know?  Because I believe there is a common thread that … Continue reading

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To those who read this blog: An Apology

Today I want to delete my blog.  Press a button, make the whole thing disappear and just start over.  I’ve been reading through the archives of Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog, Momastery, for days and I’m ready to set fire to … Continue reading

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How I met my husband, and how he met Jesus

(Jon and I are telling this story together… my words are in blue, his are in green.) “I think he might be an alcoholic,” I told my dad. I’d met Jon at a nursing home.  He was a nurse, I … Continue reading

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The Swing of the Pendulum

Several months ago, I wrote a very personal article regarding my own lack of relationship – of belief, really – with and in Jesus. Since that time, God has been doing some incredible things and my relationship with Him is … Continue reading

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That I may Gain Christ

I used to think that there were two types of believers. Those who gave lip service to God and called themselves “Christians,” without it really touching their day-to-day life, and those who were “Sold out” to Jesus – who lived … Continue reading

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A Poem

I’m not a great lover of poetry.  Allegory, in general, usually goes right over my head.  But when I was in college, just before God completely turned my world upside down, I read the following poem and it touched me, … Continue reading

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My "Testimony"

Now that I’m contacting and being contacted by so many people from the past (via facebook), it occurs to me that I should probably write my “testimony.” I know that the changes in my life are a lot to take … Continue reading

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