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Little feet and carbon footprints

I watched a video a few years ago about high density livestock grazing and its healing effects on the land.  Sounds counter intuitive, right?  How could high density grazing (packing large numbers of animals on small amounts of land) possibly … Continue reading

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Do I REALLY want more kids?

Recently, my husband and I have come to understand that everything commanded in scripture is a temporary representation of something eternal.  (For more on this, see my husband’s recent blog post on the subject.)  Earlier today, while making faces with … Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of a Large Family Christmas

A friend of mine posted this video on facebook, and I thought it was great!  We hear at least one of these comments/questions every time we go out anywhere as a family.  Very cute!

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Sunday Linkage

A Friend of the Emporer Like Pontius Pilate, every christian has his own “emperor” to fear.   Pilate’s is the story of rationalizing sin. “It is the story of trying desperately to make it comfortable to do what you know to be … Continue reading

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Children: Blessing or Burden?

The issue of birth control is a major one in most marriages. Newly married couples are often advised to wait a while before having a baby. They’re advised to purchase a home, get a good job, and establish a sizable … Continue reading

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Sunday Linkage

When Lancelot Comes Riding Often, when a gentleman tries to serve a girl, she responds by being embarrassed because she doesn’t want to inconvenience him.  Rather than being helpful, however, she may be unintentionally discouraging him from acting the part of … Continue reading

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Sunday Linkage

Starving in a World of Free Samples – Why Sheltering Isn’t Enough “If we expect our children to be able to win the battle against sexual immorality, we need to prepare them for it. They need to know their enemy, … Continue reading

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