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“You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.” —The Velveteen Rabbit My four year old sat holding a toy … Continue reading

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Limping Heavenward

“You need to go and pray! I am not going to listen to this anymore!” Elle stormed out of the room and I sat, shocked, in the wake of her absence. The other children looked from me to the door … Continue reading

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In answer to a long-lost comment… do we have “too many” children?

A long time ago, someone left a comment here, expressing their disapproval of our “large” family.  I never wrote back because I was angry and hurt and didn’t feel capable of responding in a kind way.  Instead, I saved her … Continue reading

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Feathers in the Wind

There is an old Jewish proverb that tells of a man who went around slandering his Rabbi to all of his townspeople.  One day, realizing that what he was doing was wrong, he went to the Rabbi’s house and begged … Continue reading

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Let patience have it’s perfect work…

  I feel like the kids are all just being mean to each other, lately, and I know they’re getting it from me!  If I were on a TV show, I wouldn’t let the kids watch! I said this to … Continue reading

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Want awesome kids? Treat them as well as you’d treat your dog.

*Disclaimer!  I’m not perfect, my kids aren’t perfect, and I don’t employ anything I’m writing about here nearly consistently enough.  But I have some amazing kids and I’ve had at least a few successes so I’d like to employ the … Continue reading

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Kids Need a Life

Not long ago, I had a comment on my article, In Defense of the Duggar Defenders, that went something like this: “Kids need to be able to pursue their own interests… helping out around the house is fine, but kids … Continue reading

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