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7 Quick Takes – 8/2016

When you’re a homeschool mom with lots of kids, people tend to think you must be some kind of Mommy Superhero.  “I don’t know how you do it all” is a phrase I hear frequently.  As much as I hate … Continue reading

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Little feet and carbon footprints

I watched a video a few years ago about high density livestock grazing and its healing effects on the land.  Sounds counter intuitive, right?  How could high density grazing (packing large numbers of animals on small amounts of land) possibly … Continue reading

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Critters in the Country … Quick Takes, 5-11-2016

(1) This morning, a pregnant brown recluse crawled under my bed. This afternoon, went to work the bees and saw two huge huge snakes directly in our path. Received multiple bee stings (only two actually got through my clothing, thankfully,) … Continue reading

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The Syrian Refugee crisis: we all have a choice to make

(photo source) At various times in our lives, my husband and I have looked at the decisions other families have made in their walk with Jesus and said – “NOPE.”  Not us.  Not ever. To our friends who left the … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Fiff (a letter to the Ford Motor Company)

A friend recently suggested that we write to the good people at Ford Motor Company about our wonderful family vehicle.  Since our van succumbed recently to a very serious ailment that will be costly to fix, and since we’ll be … Continue reading

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Seven Quick takes – October 28, 2015

Things I’m thankful for, this week… (1) Kids who understand what I’m talking about… “Oh!  Bundle!  Is the thing done?  The thing… you know, the whats-it-called thing?” (2) A brother who was willing to get up a 6:00 in the … Continue reading

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Limping Heavenward

“You need to go and pray! I am not going to listen to this anymore!” Elle stormed out of the room and I sat, shocked, in the wake of her absence. The other children looked from me to the door … Continue reading

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