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Biblical Politics

I wrote this after the last presidential election, but thought it well worth worth re-posting… Conservative Christians everywhere feel that our Country has been struck a major blow in this years election. To the truthful, I didn’t feel comfortable with … Continue reading

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Baby Brother

It’s such an honor and privilege to watch little ones grow up.  I met this beautiful little girl back in December of 2010, when we took her baby pictures (featured here, and again here.)  She did, indeed, keep her blue … Continue reading

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Where DO I Get My Energy???

I was recently surprised to find that my blog had been linked up with several other parenting blogs in which the author lumps us all together by making the following statement: Even a cursory perusal of the above-linked Quiverfull blogs … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – Organization!!!

— 1 — I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I’m getting there!  For the past few weeks, I’ve been drooling all over this organizational blog and this interior design/craft/recycling blog and I’ve … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Let Our Kids Read Books

(That title is meant to be provocative, by the way… we do let them read, just not whatever they want or whenever they want.  The “whatever they want” is covered here.  The “whenever” is what I want to cover in … Continue reading

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Those of you who have been visiting the blog for a while may notice a few… okay, a LOT!… of changes!  The truth is, I’ve been holding back on you.  For a long time, I’ve maintained two blogs, a “personal” … Continue reading

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Specialty Items – Accordion Mini Books

Accordion Mini Books are the perfect gift for friends and family, or a special gift to give yourself!  Available in a wallet and a square 3×3 size, accordion mini books are a beautiful way to display pictures from your session. … Continue reading

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