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Crooked Trees

I’ll never be able to wear that. I ran my hands lovingly over the blouse. It was just the kind of style I knew would look great on me, the colors enhancing my summer tan and a deep, ruffled v-neck … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Thought: Glennon Doyle Melton on body image

One of my daughters was telling the other a story about a woman we met, recently.  She was doing her best to describe the woman, and went on and on, describing the way she spoke, what she wore, where she … Continue reading

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Time Marches On…

  “Just wait until you’re older,” my friend, just a few years older than I, told me.  We were training for a half marathon and although it was grueling for us both, my friend was complaining of aches and pains … Continue reading

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I believe that part of tearing down walls involves allowing myself to be seen – truly seen – “warts and all.”  In light of this, I’ve recently been putting myself into uncomfortable situations and allowing myself the freedom to really … Continue reading

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4 Quick Takes

— 1 — I’ve decided NOT to run the marathon in May.  It was an incredibly tough decision for me, but aside from feeling somewhat sad, I have a complete peace about it.  My issue wasn’t with the running itself … Continue reading

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The Marathon Journey

I want to quit.  Although in the past two weeks I’ve had some of my best runs since I found out I was pregnant, there is a huge part of me that really wants to hang up this whole marathon … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes – Jan 6, 2012

— 1 — Please bear with me while I brag on my children for a little bit… For the past five days, I’ve been sick with the stomach flu.  For three of those days, my husband wasn’t home so the … Continue reading

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