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The Great Turkey Run 5k and a VERY different Thanksgiving

I’m sitting here at my desk, reflecting on the day, and I am so thankful for so many things.  Thanksgiving this year started with something I never would have dreamed of doing a year ago… running a 5k through Kereiakes … Continue reading

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So Where’s it all Going?

I’m a pretty passionate person.  If I’m committed to something, I won’t do it half-heartedly, I’ll immerse myself in it, go to extremes, read about it constantly, and drive everyone around me crazy by talking about it incessantly (surely you … Continue reading

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Well… I did it. From 260lbs to half marathon!!!

I ran the half marathon and I don’t even know what to say about it. It was awesome… every single bit of it.  But to be honest, there isn’t much TO say about it.  Nothing incredibly dramatic happened, no big … Continue reading

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12 miles

I had no intention of writing about this run.  No, I’ll take that back.  I had EVERY intention of writing about it, and sharing my amazing accomplishment of running 12 miles… until I didn’t run it.  Right around mile 7 … Continue reading

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How I’ve Lost the Weight

“‘What I’m hearing you say is that you’ve failed. What I’m afraid you’re beginning to think is that you should quit. There is a difference between failing and quitting. Failure isn’t a setback. QUITTING is what will destroy you. Fail … Continue reading

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The Finish Line Song

I don’t see how anyone can exercise without music… I have several playlists devoted to running music.  Most of the time I listen to music without lyrics, just a steady beat to keep me going, but today I turned on … Continue reading

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Couch to 10k… the results!

Do you remember my post from last week, when I joked about how my first running injury wasn’t caused “by some cool fall from an aggressive sprint in the last mile?”  I have a feeling that God got a good … Continue reading

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