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My First Running Injury

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is not an over-exertion bruse, or a torn-muscle bruise, or a blunt-force bruise, all of which I would wear proudly as evidence of my spectacular feat of athleticism on Sunday.  No that, my friends, is a lack-of-judgement bruise. … Continue reading

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I Wear an Ipod When I Run, So People Know I’m Excercising

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not exactly a sprint runner.  20 minute miles are pretty average for me, and at a 15 minute mile, I feel like I’m FLYING.  About a week ago, a little old lady pulled her car … Continue reading

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From 260lbs to 6.2 Miles

I don’t feel quite ready to blog about this yet, mostly because I know there are so many things I know I’m going to want to say, once I have more time between me and the event.  But the longer … Continue reading

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Couch to 10k

After reading Donald Miller’s excellent book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (I devoured it over the course of a day… read This Post for an excellent synopses of the book), I decided to apply the principles he learned … Continue reading

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I saw the most beautiful woman today… and that woman was ME.

After having six children in less than ten years and struggling with obesity (even after losing 75lbs I’m still on the “overweight” side of the height/weight charts), it’s been a long, long time since I’ve considered myself beautiful.  I can … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes – August 12, 2011

-1- I wasn’t going to post this today, for one thing I’m exhausted, and for another I’ve had a lot on my mind since yesterday.  My oldest son had to be taken to the hospital late last night, because he … Continue reading

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New Milestones

Today has been an incredible day, for a lot of reasons.  First, when I weighed this morning the scale registered 190.  That means I’ve lost 70lbs since my last baby was born (a year ago) and I only have 40 … Continue reading

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