Our Farm

We started our farming venture with five goats we couldn’t afford and by the grace of God we have grown to include an entire herd of goats, two cows and a large flock of chickens.  We still can’t technically afford them, but somehow God makes it all work, month after month after month.  We don’t have set prices on any of the produce we have available from our farm.  Instead, we let people pay what they can and we open our arms and fields to those whose families, like our own, can’t afford “organic” or “pastured” or “grass-fed.”  We are striving to raise the beef and poultry and fruits and vegetables that we’ve spent 11 years not being able to buy for our own family, and provide it for those families who can’t afford to buy it for theirs.  And we trust that those who can afford it will also buy it and everything will even out in the end.

Our desire is to freely give, as we have freely received.  Our goal is to be “faithful with little” and do what we can on our little plot of land, until we’re blessed with the ability to do more.  One of the ways in which we do this is through our Milk Enough Project which helps to provide milk, meat, and income to families in need by providing them with carefully selected milking goats and breeding stock.  For more information about this project, and to learn ways you can help, click HERE